A dedicated and life-long speaker

The first photo below shows Professor W. E. Collinson (back row, third from left) with other veteran speakers of Esperanto, all of whom learned the language between 1900 and 1910. The photo was taken at the 1949 World Esperanto Congress in Bournemouth, UK. The veteran speakers signed the reverse of the photo, and added the year when they began to learn the language; Collinson learned in 1904, aged 15. There are some well-known names here alongside his!

The fourth photo is an enlargement of the central part of the fifth photo - a sweeping view of participants at the 34th International Congress in Bournemouth, 6th - 13th August, 1949. Collinson can be seen at the back, fourth from the left, wearing a dark suit.

(Photos courtesy of The Butler Library)

The Buchanan Lecturer, University of Liverpool (1931-1954; 1962-1969)

"Professor W. E. Collinson, a Professor of German and Honorary Professor of Philology at the University, was appointed the first Buchanan lecturer on 17 March 1931. The lectureship was a part-time post. On 10 October that same year, the first "John Buchanan lecture" was given, and Collinson began teaching two courses, one for beginners and one for more advanced learners, which included lectures on the history and problems of interlinguistics."

The British Esperantist, May 1931, 27:313, p27.
Tellier, A. (2013). Dr John Buchanan - an Esperanto legacy to the University of Liverpool. Barlaston: Esperanto UK.

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