Dr Angela Tellier

Angela's research interests include metalinguistic awareness and language aptitude in child L2 learning, the role of metalinguistic instruction in the acquisition of explicit / implicit knowledge, and the development of language readiness in child L2 learners. She is also interested in researching the potential propaedeutic benefits of the constructed language Esperanto, and the life and work of little-known Esperanto-speaking individuals who have made significant contributions to society. Angela is an Honorary Fellow (Modern Languages and Cultures) at the University of Liverpool, and a Visiting Fellow (Department of Language and Linguistics) at the University of Essex.

Articles, presentations, books and book chapters which relate more specifically to Angela's work with young learners may be found under the rubric 'Young Learners'. The rubric 'Historical Research' presents work ongoing with regard to Esperanto education, living (oral) history, and the biographies of Professor William Collinson, and Dr John Buchanan.

Angela has been a key figure in the revival of the Buchanan presence at the University of Liverpool since 2004, and a member of the Buchanan Committee with Wim Jansen, and the late Paul Gubbins. She has organised the Buchanan lectures and Masterclasses, and has continued to document the not insignificant history of the John Buchanan legacy at the University, a legacy unique within the university world. Work and activity which relates to this lectureship may be found under the rubric 'Buchanan'.

The collaboration between the University of Liverpool and the Buchanan Committee has resulted in a series high quality lectures and unique presentations. In many cases, resulting work is still unpublished, but nevertheless worthy of preservation. A selection of this work is made available to a wider audience under the rubric 'Esperantology'.

A selection of Angela's work exploring the Buchanan legacy at the University of Liverpool:

2015 - 'W. E. Collinson: German, Esperanto and Interlinguistics at the University of Liverpool'
The annual Buchanan lecture, University of Liverpool, Thursday 22nd October.
2015 - Esperantologia esploro pri Profesoro William Edward Collinson.
Poster presented at the Esperantological Conference, Lille Grand Palais, France, Thursday 27th July 2015.

2013 - Tellier, A. (2013). Dr John Buchanan - an Esperanto legacy to the University of Liverpool. Barlaston: Esperanto UK.