Jones, Margaret L.

The Esperanto Manual: A complete guide to the international language.

“A complete guide to Esperanto in the form of twenty-five lectures specially adapted to the requirements of pupils in evening classes, yet equally useful for home study; containing: exercises, anecdotes, aids to conversational practice, commercial letters and guides to correspondence, literary articles by foreign contributors and others, short poems, complete grammar, and a vocabulary.” i

Reasons for publishing

The 'Manual' has been prepared in response to what I felt was an urgent need; for, as lecturer and teacher in many evening classes during the last two years, I have recognised the demand for such a book. Hitherto, I have chiefly used the text-books of Messrs. O'Connor, Bullen, Warnier & Chavet, and Gasse, and while I acknowledge my great indebtedness to these, at the same time I have found them, singly or combined, inadequate for my purpose. I have had to supplement them by suggestions and examples, anecdotes, and conversational lessons, which I have drawn up as experience may have prompted; and, on seeing the work which this has involved, many students have asked me why I did not write a text-book. ii


1908 (1st)
Published: London: The British Esperanto Association, incorporated, Museum Street Buildings, 133-6, High Holborn; Liverpool: The Esperanto Office, 11 Renshaw Street.
Cost: 1/8d

1911 (2ndrevised)
Published: London: 'La Espero', 3 Lynette Avenue, Clapham Common, S.W. (home address, 1911 census) and The British Esperanto Association, incorporated, 133-6, High Holborn, London. E.C.
Cost: 1/-

1913 (revised)

1916 (revised)
Published: London: 'La Espero', 125 Hambalt Road, Clapham, S.W. and the British Esperanto Association, incorporated, 17 Hart Street, Bloomsbury, London. W.C.
Cost: 1/-

1920 (revised)
Cost: 1/6d

1921 (revised)
Published: as 1916 edition
Cost: 1/6d

1927 (revised)
Cost: 1/6d

Commentary and critique Coming soon …

Links giving further information

An article on a pamphlet (1916) written by Margaret Blaise: A World Language: why not Esperanto?

Article by Olga Kerziouk, which includes a section on Margaret and Paul Blaise (in Esperanto)

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Photos and scans

1. Advert for The Esperanto Manual (The British Esperantist January 1909, 5:49 p.iv)

2. Portrait photo of Margaret Blaise ( Kalocsay, K. (1931). Rimportretoj: Galerio de Esperantaj steloj. Budapest: Literatura Mondo. p.18)

3. Photo of Margaret Blaise (Jones, Margaret L. (1911). The Esperanto Manual. London: La Espero & The British ESperanto Association. Frontpiece)

4. Poem describing Margaret Blaise ( Kalocsay, K. (1931). Rimportretoj: Galerio de Esperantaj steloj. Budapest: Literatura Mondo. p.19)


i Jones, M. L. (1911) The Esperanto Manual, title page

ii Preface to Jones, M. L. (1911) The Esperanto Manual, first edition, p.vii-viii

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