In Living Memory

An edited compilation of memories and reminiscences about the development and use of Esperanto in Britain, supported by factual information from archival research (e.g, dates, places, organisers). Example topics, below. 

This is a 'living history' project, and we are looking to record as many memories, experiences and opinions from Esperanto speakers and users as we can over the coming year. These will be collated, edited and published in book form. Photographs and anecdotes particularly welcome.

Please help! All contributions, however small, are equally valuable and welcome - you may be the only person who remembers a specific event, decision, or individual. If you cannot remember exact names or dates, please don't worry, leave gaps; these can probably be filled from information already in the archives.

  • BEA – British Esperanto Association
  • EAB – Esperanto Association of Britain
  • JEB – Junularo Esperantisto Brita / Young British Esperantists
  • SATEB – Sennacieca Asocio Tutmonda En Britio / World Non-National Association in Britain
  • SBET / ETA – Society of British Esperanto Teachers / Esperanto Teachers' Association
  • NoJEF – Norwich Jubilee Esperanto Foundation
  • Eko
  • Group 5
  • Buchanan lectureship, lecturers, translations and prizes
  • Management Committee / Administrative Committee
  • Presidents of EAB / BEA
  • Konsila Komisiono
  • Federations, regional and local clubs
  • London club
  • British and Scottish congresses
  • Scouts and Guides: badges, activities, jubilees
  • Preparing, or taking, examinations: e.g. RSA, Graded Objectives, O'Level, GCSE, CER
  • Children's courses, teaching materials, teaching in schools, after-school clubs, events and activities
  • Experiments and studies using Esperanto
  • Springboard to Languages
  • Esperanto from birth
  • Residential courses for adults: e.g. Barlaston, Aylesford, Belstead House, Abergavenny, Charlotte mason, Felixstowe Ferry
  • Residential courses for children: e.g. Wombourne, Colchester, King's Lynn
  • Library collections: e.g. Butler library, British library, Univeristies of Liverpool and Manchester, Auld Collection
  • Publications: books, periodicals: e.g. B.E., Update, Esperanto News
  • British authors / poets / dramtists writing in Esperanto
  • Internet / webpages / blogs etc.