Professor William E. Collinson

Ongoing research for a forthcoming book about the life and work of Professor William Edward Collinson (1889 – 1969)

We are keen to hear from anyone who knew or was acquainted with Professor Collinson.

Did you perhaps hear him lecture, meet him, or study under him at the University of Liverpool, where he taught German (1914-1954) and on occasion linguistics? If so, please get in touch. Anecdotes and personal reminiscences especially welcome, including any correspondence with, or about, him.

If you didn't know him personally, do you perhaps have photos or memorabilia from relatives who attended the same educational establishments at the same time as Collinson, which include him or make mention of him? Collinson attended Dulwich Preparatory School (1899-1901), Dulwich College (1901-1907) and University College, London (1907-1910).

An experienced and eminent linguist, Collinson was also a dedicated and lifelong Esperanto speaker. Having learned the language aged 15, he lectured in and about Esperanto at university gatherings and international conferences. He taught courses in Esperanto at the University of Liverpool, as part of the Buchanan lectureship. Do you have any information about this aspect of Collinson's life? Do you have any correspondence with Collinson (postcards, letters, documents etc.) in Esperanto which belonged to a relative of yours? Do you have a certificate which he signed, or an Esperanto book which he autographed for you?

If you are able to help us in our research, please get in touch.

Angela Tellier and Professor Wim Jansen

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